June 13, 2019 · personal

History of the Site's Favicon

What's a favicon? A favicon is a small identifying picture located within the tab bar or inside the address bar. It is a portmonteau of the words "favorite" & "icon", and was introduced as a way to visually identify bookmarks back in Internet Explorer 5 (Source). For the devices that don't show favicons, here is a screenshot of the website's current favicon:

The favicon for this website is actually a throwback to the favicon my friend created way back in Grade 6. We had just set up a website together called yoreinc.net for our fictional tech-solutions company, YoRe Incorporated. The company name was a mashup of the first two letters of our names, Yoonsik and Reid. At the time, we knew that all the big websites had a favicon, so we decided to make one for our website as well!

Last year, while I was wondering what kind of favicon this website should have, I decided to bring over the previous design with different colours. Here's a comparison below.